Schedule for 2018 

*Specific Details will be updated shortly before the end of January*

Admissions open Saturday March 10th 4pm for Dinner VIPs
Entry for all others: 7pm
Dinner timeline is 5:30 – 7pm
Please be offsite by 1PM Sunday March 11th

Continental Breakfast provided for those onsite Sunday morning.
We will have: Musical and Dance Entertainers
Mistress Katrine will be hosting games with prizes! (3 man, liars dice, card games, more TBA!)

Fire Circle Bardic
Garb Contest

Event Areas:
Indoor: Barn
Outdoor: Two Pavilions
Free roam of site
Outdoor Firepit Area
(For outdoor bardic style entertainment)


Our Entertainers!

More to be added shortly!


Middle Eastern Dance with Lycosa

Lycosa is an award winning Tribal Fusion Bellydance artist based in Southern Oregon, where her fluid, serpentine technique based performance style sets her apart from the crowd. Her love of the strange and unusual flavors her performances, and she strives to create dances that will leave a lasting impression, designing every element, from costuming to movement, from the ground up. This singular approach has helped her become a highly sought after performer in her area and beyond, and has been key to the unique stylization she brings to every show she dances in. She has been featured on the cover of Jareeda’s Jewels: Best of Costuming, a dance costume book, and published in Bellydance Transformations, another dance-centric book. She can usually be found performing, creating art, and collecting junk.