Toast of Tortuga 2018 will be at Whispering Waters Farms in Washougal, WA

1913 SE 303rd Ave, Washougal, WA 98671




  • You are welcome to stay overnight if you need to.  You may plop down on the barn floor; or camp outside, but keep in mind it may be *windy* and *rainy!*  If you wish to stay in the neighboring town of Washougal, here is a list of hotels!


  • We have full run of the property while we are there; but please only park in the designated areas; there will be parking staff to help you.


  • In addition to the barn for the main festivities; we will have several outdoor hangout structures set up; plus a firepit area.  If you would like to contribute firewood; please do!


  • There is NO SMOKING on the property; we will have a designated covered area for smoking outside the gate (about 75 feet from the barn).


  • Please do not bring GLASS drinking vessels.  Ceramic, Wood, Metal, Horn, Plastic are all fine. Wine Bottles are an exception.  (Vessels given in VIP packages will be metal).


  • There is no amplified sound outside after 10PM, but general party noise and singing are fine.  We are going to get confirmation about drum circles; and will post this info shortly.


  • If the giant slingshot is still up in March we are allowed to use it within reason.


  • If you choose to venture down to the river area, the road will most likely be muddy; you are responsible for your own vehicle.


  • Pets are okay within reason.  This isn’t really good *pet* event; but if you need to bring one; you won’t be turned away.


  • There is a small dressing area if you need to use it; but access will be somewhat limited for security reasons.  There will be a posted constab volunteer at the door.


  • Bathrooms onsite will be portable toilets (biffies); we will have an ADA accessible biff.