Ahoy! Let it be known from cove to port, from cave to cabin and rogue to wench that the esteemed Govn’r Zorgon has declared a levee to be held that all might shower praises and honors upon their most worthy majesties, the Reigning King and Queen of Pirates, and others of less note.

Listen up quick, slip twice the coin, to the Governor’s man and be counted amongst the Bootstrapped Gentry to the privy quarters of fellows of great note, Braggards, Blackhearts, and Stolen Titles abound to fill your bellies with private stocked spirits, Select tasty morsels, and choice lads and lasses to set yer rudder straight. Arrrh, count yerselves most fortunate to steal away such a night of pleasures. Make yer mark early, and be aboard, come nineteen days of March.


 Live Music, Great Food, Burlesque, Games

Drinks, Awesome Folks, and more!


March 19th, 2016

BeaverCreek Grange, Oregon City, OR

VIP Entry 5PM, 7PM General Entry

Ages 21+ – Please bring your ID

$35 at the door!



We are starting our 2016 event season with a tribute to our King and Queen of the Pirates (crowned at our annual Pirates of Tortuga event in September).  We invite you to join us to throw King Spotted Dick MacPhearson and Queen Scarlett MacPhearson a splendid party!  In the works are a sumptuous feast, games, music and other entertainment and of course the company of your beloved brethren of the SeaDog Nation.We plan on updating this website as we plan the festivities, so check back often for the latest news!
Photos of Past Toasts:
(photos courtesy of Rich Gleason)
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